masks solving Canadian ugliness problem

The Canadian discussion surrounding whether or not people should be wearing masks has taken an ugly turn after a recent meeting among Canadian leaders. The meeting, which was held over Zoom on Friday morning, saw nine out of ten Premiers express strong support for Canadians to mask up in order to combat what one of … Continue reading masks solving Canadian ugliness problem


Twisted Logic #1: Phones are Better than Brains

Criticizing people for being “too attached to their phones” is the logical equivalent of accusing people of being “too attached to their brains.” To illustrated, let's see what happens when we apply common critiques of smartphones  to another one of humanity's most potent tools: the human brain. Those spoiled sapiens, one might say. In my day, … Continue reading Twisted Logic #1: Phones are Better than Brains

Body Parts Set to Vote on New Breakfast Food

With toaster waffles ending their longstanding term as my chosen breakfast dish (since there are none left in my freezer), campaign season is in full swing for the election of my next breakfast food, which will likely remain in power for the next several weeks. So far, the most popular candidates seem to be oatmeal, … Continue reading Body Parts Set to Vote on New Breakfast Food